Sachi Love designer Sachiko Muramatsu-Kramer started her accessories line in 2011. Born in Tokyo and moved to the US at age of 7 in Salinas, California to start a whole new life. Growing up, she enjoyed most of her time doing arts and crafts and making just about anything her heart desires. Ever since then, she knew that she wanted to be a designer and have her own brand.

She moved to Long Beach after graduating high school to see what LA life could offer. She received her B.A. in Apparel Design + Fashion Merchandising at CSU Long Beach and worked her a$$ off as a footwear designer and traveled to Asia and Europe. During the weekends, she started making her own jewelry and wearing them out just for fun. Her friends took notice of her pieces and she started getting requests to make more. Soon enough, people on the street would stop and ask her where she got her jewelry and where they can buy it. These moments have inspired Sachiko to pursue her love of jewelry and start her own line. Her mind has been in a constant creative mode and she finds herself inspired by everything because she truly believes there is beauty in everyone. Her collection certainly reflects her personality and interests in different styles, but most of all, demonstrates creativity and uniqueness.

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